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Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster Statement Regarding Mark Feltons "King Tiger Still In Lake?" Video

2022.01.21 12:02 Smartman_131 Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster Statement Regarding Mark Feltons "King Tiger Still In Lake?" Video

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2022.01.21 12:02 Oml1001 If Lil Dirt had a gun to yo head and told you to claim OTF or he gon kill yhu wyd?

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2022.01.21 12:02 dobsonFly89 A fresh crop of reality TV "star"

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2022.01.21 12:02 xyp1 What are the holes in the D&D product market?

Are there any D&D products/services that you wish were more readily available for players/DMs? I have to start a fake business for a class and would love to make it D&D related, but I can’t think of anything good.
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2022.01.21 12:02 FeelMyWarmChest My dog loves the new whiteclaw plushie I just got!

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2022.01.21 12:02 rhythmicrants na-ma-shi-va-ya - is it simply saultations to shiva..?

pancAksara means five akSaras or five indivisible syllables. For eg. the shiva pancAksara 'namasivAya' has to be seen as five aksaras na, ma, si,vA, ya and not just as salutations to Shiva. Shiva pancAksara stotram explains each syllable, with every stanza starting with one syllable.
This is not just in saMskrt literature. In tamil literature like devAram, sambandar says the same.
துஞ்சலும் துஞ்சல் இலாத போழ்தினும்,
நெஞ்சகம் நைந்து நினைமின் நாள்தொறும்;
வஞ்சகம் அற்றுஅடி வாழ்த்த, வந்த கூற்று
அஞ்சஉ தைத்தன அஞ்சு எழுத்துமே
Sambandar calls namasivAya as the sacred five letters that kicks off Yama, removes deceit, in all circumstances, if our 'aham' is immersed in it daily.
Similar to Shiva pancAksara stotram, thirumUlar thirumantiram explains what these five syllables means.
சிவன்,சத்தி, சீவன், செறுமலம், மாயை,
அவம்சேர்த்த பாச மலம்ஐந்து அகலச்
சிவன்சத்தி தன்னுடன் சீவனார் சேர,
அவஞ்சேர்த்த பாசம் அணுககி லாவே.
He says si indicates sivan, va the sakthi, ya the mattebeings, na the self/ identity of beings and ya the mAyA, the evolutionary process. This Shiva-shakti which is the Energy-Momentum couple or Consciousness-Signaling couple (siva) manifests in mattebeings (ya) creating self/identity (na) and triggering the evolutionary process (ma).
ThirumUlar goes one step ahead. He says it's all only 'Si'. He calls 'Si' the mantra for chasing dogs. How do we chase away dogs..? By saying 'chee chee'.
நாய்ஓட்டும் மந்திரம் நான்மறை நால்வேதம்;
நாய்ஓட்டும் மந்திரம் நாதன் இருப்பிடம்;
நாய்ஓட்டும் மந்திரம் நாதஅந்தம் ஆம்சோதி;
நாய்ஓட்டும் மந்திரம் நாம்அறி யோமே.
This Chi Chi (the chi of chiva), the dog-chasing mantra is what is described in all four vedas, is where 'He' resides, is what makes all the light and sound, is something that we can never know. So everything is simply Chi, the dog-chasing mantra.
அஞ்சுஎழுத்தி லேபிறந்து, அஞ்சுஎழுத்தி லேவளர்ந்து,
அஞ்சுஎழுத்தை ஓதுகின்ற பஞ்சபூத பாவிகாள்!
அஞ்சுஎழுத்தில் ஓர்எழுத்து அறிந்துகூற வல்லிரேல்
அஞ்சேல்அஞ்சேல் என்றுநாதன் அம்பலத்தில் ஆடுமே!
The same concept is described by Sivavaakiyar in the above. Five letters is what the panch-bhUta and us are. If we are able to understand just one letter, 'He' would dance in our cosmic space or we would realize 'His' dance in our cosmic space.
Hence, namashivAya, as pancAksara, cannot be just treated as salutations to Shiva and that's all. It conveys a deeper meaning, a mantra and hence called panca-akSara. Mantras are those that conveys deep meanings if we really understand them well.
From the above discussion, I can put forth four understandings

  1. There are remarkably similar thoughts in tamil and saMskrt. Like what is said in shiva-pancAksara or thirumular thirumanthiram.
  2. Saiva siddhanta (as described in devaram, thirumanthiram etc) and advaita tattva are not far from each other. In fact they say similar things. Shiva is the Universe, Shiva is the prosperity or auspiciousness, Shiva is the jyoti/light, Shiva is the witness of the self etc are similar to brahman is the Universe, manifestation in our self as the witness, tat-tvam asi etc. This realization is the ultimate jnAnA. Bhakti to shiva is to be used as a tool or path towards this realization or jnAnA.
  3. Mantras convey deeper meaning. The reason for their recitation is for people to introspect and realize those deeper meanings.
  4. Worship does not mean praising something and asking for boons or simply submitting to something and be satisfied with it. It is about developing a detached self in us which enables us to learn from others and nature dispassionately, to face everything with equilibrium and equanimity and reach a detached witnessing state that desires happiness for everyone.
mahA periyavA in several of his discourses repeats this concept of using bhakti or devotion as a path to jnAnA.
Shiva panchaksaram in tamil, essence in english
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2022.01.21 12:02 chairbornebg The Wall Street Journal: Директорът на ЦРУ е пътувал до Европа преди Блинкен

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2022.01.21 12:02 0joni People of reddit, what is a word in english that sounds funny/inappropriate in your native language?

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2022.01.21 12:02 mikeruchan If the zombie apocalypse begins suddenly and you have an hour to prepare, how screwed are you?

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2022.01.21 12:02 detective_kiara [Serious] How can someone stop being harsh or unforgiving towards themselves?

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2022.01.21 12:02 MimiSac1 PEAK A BOO….

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2022.01.21 12:02 starpixie1987 Let's talk about this Abercrombie and Fitch rebrand....34F

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2022.01.21 12:02 chairbornebg Блинкен: Президентът Байдън е готов да се срещне с Владимир Путин

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2022.01.21 12:02 NeoDoubleD Bumble BFF and Stolen Valor?

I matched with someone on Bumble BFF and we started out just basic “get to know” talk, (Who are you, where you from etc.) As the conversation progressed, we got onto the topic of goals and want do we want our futures to look like. He said, he wanted to be successful and be a millionaire blah blah blah. He then asked me what books did I read and that a “successful individual” recommended this book to him (It was the 4 hour week.).
He then states that based on our conversation, I think we can be the “best of friends”. He says that he is going to have a talk with his “mentor” about our conversation. I asked who is this mentor? He replied the “successful individual” that recommended him The Four Hour Work Week. (Red Flag 1).
Two days later, he asked me how was my weekend and that he spoke with the “successful individual” with his name BEING “Josh” over the weekend. (Red Flag 2). My Bumble Match then states that we should have a zoom call and get to know each other a little bit more. I had the zoom call and he told me about his life (serving in the USMC, living the party life, a “man of Jesus” blah blah blah..). He states that he was “lost in life” until he met “Josh”.
“Josh” helped him turn his life around. (Getting him out of debt, budgeting, mindset change etc.) My Bumble BFF then states he has known “Josh” for years and that he is a “good guy to know”. After the Zoom call, he sent me two articles. One on the habits of millionaires and the other on why every ENTREPRENEUR needs a mentor. (Red Flag 3).
The next day, We had a second Zoom call about what I thought about the articles and that two days later, there was to be a Zoom call with “Josh” and other people and that I was invited. “Josh” wanted to meet with me personally on the day before the big Zoom call. When that day came, my best friend wanted to hang out with me so I did and blocked my Bumble BFF’s number. I also reported his profile to Bumble.
Now, I do not think that I am done yet. I am curious to know something. Could this be a case of stolen valor? My Bumble BFF’s profile has him in his USMC uniform. From what I understood, wearing military uniform with the intention on deceiving others can constitute stolen valor. Thanks for the help.
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2022.01.21 12:02 EduDo_App wait, what??

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2022.01.21 12:02 WarHeritageInstitute Rooftops of Cinquantenaire Park at 7h30 this morning (some info in comments)

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2022.01.21 12:02 Ghost-t0wns Early Morning Fun

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2022.01.21 12:02 pranitzambre He never got his $50 back.

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2022.01.21 12:02 jamessaleh190e Is there a sub that is against bicycles in the city and on the road?

If it's fine to have an anti car subreddit there should be one on this
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2022.01.21 12:02 introsort [Hiring] Information Security Engineer Data Protection Careers at Intel in Folsom, CA (Intel)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Information Security Engineer Data Protection Careers at Intel in Folsom, CA
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2022.01.21 12:02 DetoxxDaPlayer1 Worst killer and why?

I would say pig:
-Relies on RNG
-Her "stealth" is mediocre and in most cases a detriment to use
-Her ambush is good for nothing because you can counter it by simply leaving the loop. The only thing I find it useful for is saving STBFL stacks.
-Inconsistent power. This goes back to the RNG aspect of her traps. You can have your traps get taken off on the first box which alone is scary.
-No oppressive addons. Sure she has nice gimmicks like "move 6% faster in crouch" but she doesn't have anything like 3 blinks or mother daughter ring. You can argue that video tape is good but survivors can STILL spawn next to boxes. Might as well just bring corrupt intervention

I'm sure most of you have different opinions though. Feel free to share them here 'cuz I want to hear them
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2022.01.21 12:02 randomespanaguy 22 [M4F] I will send you a playlist.

i’ve always found music to be a good barometer of compatibility across all types of relationships.
hi. i’m [NAME REDACTED FOR NOW] and i cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to turn digital strangers into potential lifelong companions. even as an infp, this quarantine has been difficult for me kasi i’ve always liked meeting new people. pre-pandemic, it was easy for me to ask someone for a light and conversations would just come pouring out. the smoking area was where i was most myself. ngayong quarantine, wala bcs i never learned how to strike up conversations without the comfort of a lighter. until, i had a singular thought last night: “i want to make a playlist for someone.”
so here’s my proposition: tell me who your top three favorite artists are (favorite songs also accepted) and, if i vibe w it, tomorrow evening i’ll send you a spotify playlist of songs i think you will like based off of them. if by any chance you like the playlist, either send me a song, a playlist, or just tell me what your favorite song was from the playlist.
from there, bahala na. ‘di ko rin alam. bobo ako at this part. maybe we can exchange other favorites. your favorite show, favorite podcast, your favorite memories.
or, you know, you can ghost me. no hard feelings.
about me:

about you:
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2022.01.21 12:02 hazy_visions [Homemade] Spaghetti and meatballs

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2022.01.21 12:02 zizikkundela 烧杯猫猫之武僧猫猫

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2022.01.21 12:02 SummerMoonMusic Wild Tiger, Connor Stephenson, Oil Stick on Canvas

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