Have you guys looked at the new stat blocks in MMM yet?

2022.01.21 10:24 Jiem_ Have you guys looked at the new stat blocks in MMM yet?

I was just looking at The Gaming Gang First Look video of the Rules Expansion set, paused on the Abjurer Wizard, and went back to see how much they changed it from Volo. It's a completely different beast!
Three ranged spell attacks, uncounterable, per turn (+8 to hit, 3d10+4 each btw). An AoE spell attack, also uncounterable, that requires a Con Save instead of the typical Dex Save (DC 16 Con Save, 8d8+push 10 feet). A powerful Reaction, also also uncounterable, that Recharges (4d10+4 damage reduction). A reduced spell list that you can customized in no time.
Compared to this Volo's version is a joke!
Are they just gonna nerf Counterspell adding spell attacks that are not spells or are they gonna change the mechanic alltogether?
It's the only one I checked but damn, a CR 9 caster is not shut down by a single 3rd level spell! I'm officially hyped for the 2024 version of the MM.
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2022.01.21 10:24 BirdBuddi The Million-Dollar World of Meghan Markle Hate Accounts - Jack and Kristen sit down with Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel, who shares what he’s learned about the $3.5million industry behind Meghan Markle hate accounts.

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2022.01.21 10:24 cakeday173 Redditors who've been living in Japan for a while, have prices really remained the same for the past 30 years or so?

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2022.01.21 10:24 QtipKing FUCKING FINALLY

Bwahahahah! (Evil laugh of absolute victory) I did it! Finalllyyyy! It doesn't hurt that you didn't want me! It doesn't make me cry when I think about how long you led me on or how I'm not the one for you! I wish you well! Thank you for hurting me so that I could sit back, alone, and deal with myself and create a love for myself that I have never experienced before! It feels so amazing to be free from the sadness and anger. After many months of despair and facing all of my emotions about our situation there's light at the end of the tunnel. There were sometimes I didn't think I'd ever make it through! But I did it! Fuck yeah!
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2022.01.21 10:24 cheers-pricks A heads up for those unsure about “All The Haunts Be Ours”

a majority of the films included in the set are currently streaming on Shudder if you wanted to check them out before dropping $200.
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2022.01.21 10:24 New-Sir-9562 Just got a Samsung 35e, is the incomplete wrapper normal?

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2022.01.21 10:24 Jrubas Mojave

The puke green Prius died northwest of Barstow.
They were following a cracked secondary road through one of the many alkaline flats dotting the Mojave when white smoke began to seep from the hood. The engine knocked, coughed, and sputtered, then went out with a low, wounded death rattle.
At the wheel, Alex "Ace" Freeman cursed and slammed the horn. In the passenger seat, Bobby Jarvis glanced nervously out the window. Thistly scrub brush grew alongside the highway, and in the distance, craggy, time blasted mountains thrust up against the cloudless blue sky.
"I guess we're fucking walking," Ace hissed through his teeth and got out. He kicked the front tire, and pain snaked up his leg. He grimaced but did not give voice to it.
Bobby got out of the car and shut the door. He didn't speak. He had known Ace for three years and seven months and knew well enough to leave him alone when he was mad.
Parking his hands on his hips and sucking his lips into his mouth, Ace looked both ways along the desolate, sand coated blacktop. The last car they'd seen was a battered Ford pick-up seventeen miles back.
Great. He chose this fucking route just for this reason: Fewer people...which meant fewer chances of being seen. Now, they were fucked. T-totally fucking fucked.
Sighing, Ace leaned back into the car, grabbed the revolver from the center console, and stuck it in the small of his back, covering it with his shirt. "Come on," he said and started walking west. Bobby followed. He still didn't speak.
Luck's a funny thing, isn't it? Ace Freeman had always had rotten luck, from the moment he was born to the moment he wound up at Rockbed State Prison. Some people flitted through life on clouds of tinkerdust and unicorn farts, but not him, oh no. He had rotten parents, a rotten childhood, rotten friends, a rotten job, and a rotten fucking everything else. Anything that could go wrong for him did. He watched as other people lived, laughed, and loved, and he fucking hated them. His hatred grew as he did, and by the time he was in his mid-twenties, he was beating winos to death with baseball bats and shoving old ladies down big flights of concrete stairs because fuck them. When he was twenty-nine, he robbed a liquor store and shot the clerk for the hell of it. Three weeks later the LAPD kicked down the door of his motel room and took him in. The judge called him "soulless."
Yeah? And whose fucking fault is that?
He should have known. He really should have. He plotted his escape for eight years. He thought he had everything down. He thought it was going to work for him. But then, while he and Bobby were sneaking out, a guard cornered them, and Ace had to beat his face in. Bobby was fucking useless. Just standing there and hugging himself. Ace only brought him along to throw him under any buses they might come across and Ace was really fucking hoping that bus came by soon.
In his original plan, he'd have at least five hours on the pigs. The way things actually went, he was lucky if he had two.
"Ace," Bobby said hesitantly.
Ace ignored him. He really didn't feel like putting up with Bobby's shit right now. He never even liked him in the first place. Thin, wavy hair, fair skin, he looked like a faggot. Killed his mommy and daddy when they were sleeping, because he didn't have the nut sack to do it when they were awake. Pussy. Ace hated pussies.
"What?" Ace asked, spinning.
"S-Someone's coming," Bobby said.
Ace looked back just as a dark blue panel van topped a rise and passed the Prius a half mile back. Ace's heart jumped into his throat.
The cops!
He reached for the gun, but froze when he saw that it wasn't the cops at all. Cops don't drive old Chevy vans with hippie murals painted on the sides. No-fucking-body in their right minds drovr hippie vans with paintings on the side.
Except hippies.
And hippies were easy to rob and kill.
Donning the biggest smile he could, he waved his hands, and Bobby, taking the hint, did likewise.
The van passed them in a cloud of dust and pulled to a rolling stop. A man with a bushy blonde beard stuck his head out of the passenger side window and held his hand up to his eyes to cut out the glare of the sun. "Wher you goin', man?" he called. He was wearing little John Lennon sunglasses, a battered brown sun hat, and a dirty tie-dye shirt. Groovy, Ace thought, just fucking groovy.
"Any way's better than this way," Ace called back.
"Hop on in and take a ride, man," the hippie replied, and laughed. "This is the magic bus!"
Ace flashed a toothy smile and turned to Bobby. "You hear that? It's the 'magic bus.'"
Bobby smiled nervously.
Ace went over to the side door and opened it. The first thing that washed over him was the stench of unwashed feet. The second was the smell of freshly burned marijuana. The third was a ripe, sickly-sweet odor that he couldn't place and didn't want to.
Inside, the van's cargo bay was carpeted. Shag. Because of course it was. Trippy tapestries and a poster of Bob Marley hung on the walls. A thin, pale woman in a red tank top sat next to a mini fridge. A gangly man with oily black hair and wearing a leather vest and dirty jeans lounged on a bean bag. His face brightened when he saw Ace. "Hey, man, what's up?" he blurted. "You comin to Burning Man with us?"
Right then and there, Ace decided to kill them all.
"If that's where you're going," Ace said as he climbed in. Bobby followed, pulling the door shut behind them. Only then did Ace notice the second woman. She was close to the back doors, her knees drawn up to her chest. She rocked gently back and forth like a nut in a padded room. Ace hesitated, a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach, then sat. Probably on acid. Fucktards like these are always taking bad trips and never coming back.
"Burning Man isn't for months," the man behind the wheel said. He was the most normal of them all. He was older with a graying beard and mustache, his eyes blue and hard in the rearview mirror. He was dressed in a denim work shirt, a giant peace sign emblem around his neck catching and refracting the rays of the sun.. "I'm Dave," he said, nodding to Ace. He indicated the man in the passenger seat. "This is Robert, the lady in red is Sherry, and that's Dex. He's an imbecile."
"Took one too many tokes, and got his mind broke," Robert said, and laughed.
"You're not far behind him," Dave said, shooting him a menacing look.
"I'm Steve," Ace said, "this is my brother, Georgie."
"Nice to meet you," Dave said. He turned around and put the van in drive. "You guys broke down, huh?"
"Yeah," Ace said, "what are you gonna do? They don't make 'em like they used to." He stole a glance at the woman in the back. She was muttering to herself now. Sounded like she was crying "Who's she?"
"We call her 'Kitchen Bitch,'" Dex said, and tittered. "She does all the cookin and cleanin."
"Name's Princess," Dave said, "'cause that's what she acts like. She don't talk."
Ace nodded and looked at the girl again.
He didn't know how he knew it, but something wasn't right here.
He nudged Bobby in the side, but he was stupid, so he didn't catch the drift. Fine. Ace reached behind his back, brought out the gun, and sat it next to him.
"Where you going?" Sherry asked.
"Vegas," Ace said. "Georgie's getting hitched."
Sherry nodded and sized Bobby up. "Lucky lady." Ace detected a hint of sarcasm.
"Well," Ace said, shrugging, "he's a great guy."
"I'll bet he is."
That rubbed him the wrong way. Bobby was a dumb, faggy piece of shit, but he belonged to Ace. He had half a mind to whip the gun out and blast the stupid bitch in her face.
"You wanna smoke a joint?" Dex asked. He leaned forward, his eyes wide and wet with madness. He took a joint out of his vest pocket and held it up. "It's good shit. They call it Mexicali Brown." He tittered. "It'll make you feel like you're walking on sunshine."
"I'll pass," Ace said. "I get drug tested at work."
Dex plopped the joint into his mouth and lit it, never breaking eye contact with Ace. "It's good shit," he said again. Thick, noxious smoke filled the cab.
"Yeah, okay," Alex said.
"It has H in it, man," Robert said. He was on his knees looking over the headrest like an overgrown kid. "I wouldn't smoke it if I were you."
"You just smoked some an hour ago," Sherry said, taking the joint from Dex and sucking on it.
Robert flipped her off. He wore a piece of fabric tied around his wrist.
"Dad," Sherry said, "Robert's trying to fuck me again."
"Sit down," Dave said, swatting Robert's ass. "You're gonna break my seat."
"Seat's already broken, man," Robert said, and threw himself forward: The seat toppled over and Robert crashed to the floor like a drug-addled oak, his head landing in Bobby's lap. Dex screamed laughter and stomped his feet. Sherry choked and dropped the joint.
"Goddamn it!" Dave roared, glancing into the rearview mirror, "I'm getting really sick of your shit."
Robert sat up. "Sorry, bro," he said to Bobby, "I didn't hit your nuts, did I?"
"N-No, you're fine," Bobby said.
Sitting next to Bobby now, Robert threw his arm around him and drew him close. He looked at him over the tops of his glasses. "Hey," he said. With his free arm, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic wand. "Do you mind if I bubble?"
"You start blowing bubbles in my van and I swear to Christ, Robert, I'll kick your ass."
This is fucking crazy.
Alex shook his head and glanced at Kitchen Bitch. She had drawn herself into a corner. He could hear the sound of her softly weeping.
Meanwhile, Robert pushed the seat back up and climbed into it. "We like to cut loose," he said, looking over the head rest. "Have fun." He pulled something out of his pocket and pointed it at Dex. A red dot appeared on the latter's head. "Dex!" Robert cried, "sniper!"
Dex jumped up and threw his arms out like a little girl with a spider on her dress. He kicked Ace's foot, and Ace almost reached out and grabbed him. Stupid bastard.
"Knock it off," Dave said.
Robert despoisted the lazer pointer back into his pocket and turned around. A moment later, he looked back over the seat. He was holding a bottle full of sparkling brown liquid. "Anyone thirsty?"
"Yeah," Dex said, "gimme some."
He scooted over and Robert poured some into his mouth. It splashed on his shirt and chin.
"Goddamn it!" Dave screamed. He reached over and whacked Robert in the small of the back. Robert screamed and dropped the bottle, which clunked Dex in the face. Ace watched in a mixture of horror and amusement as Dave pelted the younger man with a flurry of punches. "I told you to knock off that stupid shit!"
The van started veering to the right, but Dave used his knees to bring it back to the middle of the road.
"Stop hitting me!" Robert wailed. "I'm sorry! Stop hitting me, daddy! Please!"
Dex giggled as he upended the bottle.
Dave discontinued his assault and took the wheel in his left hand. With his right, he pointed sternly at his son. "You get too goddamn wild. You think it's okay to act like a damn fool. You're stupid. You're a fucking moron. You need to learn some goddamn manners."
"I'm sorry," Robert said in a whisper. "I was just havin fun." Then: "Where's my Captain?"
"Dex just finished it," Sherry said.
Dex held up the bottle with a sheepish grin. "He's the captain of my belly now."
Kitchen Bitch let out a strangled sob.
"What's with the girl?" Ace asked.
Dex crawled back over to his bean bag and climbed onto it. "We call her Kitchen Bitch, because she does all the cooking and cleaning."
"Yeah, I know," Ace said, "why's she crying?"
"She stubbed her toe," Sherry said.
"I'm getting really sick of your snarky little tone," Ace said, pointing at her. "Why's there a girl all balled up and crying in the back of your van?"
"Her mother just died," Dave said. "She's taking it hard."
"I think you're full of shit, mister," Ace said.
"You're the one who's full of shit," Sherry said. "That Prius you were driving's all over the news. You're those escapees."
Suddenly, Dex had a razor in his hand and started to move forward. Ace brought the gun up. "Don't move, asshole!"
Paling, Dex dropped the knife and fell back, raising his hands.
"No, you don't move."
Robert was facing him again. This time he had a pistol in his hand. It was pointed directly at Ace's head. Sherry brought up a shotgun and pumped it.
Ace's heart sank. Next to him, Bobby looked stricken.
"Give the gun to Dex," Dave said. He was a pair of evil eyes in the mirror. Stern. Sparkling. Evil. "If you try anything, you're dead. Got it?"
Ace took a deep breath.
"Mexican stand-off," Robert drew with a little smile. "Man."
He was right.
Hating himself and feeling three inches tall. Alex handed the gun to Dex, who took it with a jittery hand.
"Be careful you don't blow your dick off," Robert laughed.
Dex pointed the gun at Ace and smiled. "Don't move, asshole," he said, and giggled. "Official police business! Get out of the car!"
"Get on your stomachs," Dave demanded, "both of you."
Ace didn't move.
He looked for a way out, but saw none. He had two choices: Do what they said, or die. And though his life wasn't much to look at, Ace didn't feel like dying. "Okay," he said, putting his hands up, "you got us."
"Stomachs. Now."
Ace got onto his stomach. Next to him, Bobby did the same.
"You're harshing my mellow with this shit," Robert said sadly. He dug his knee into the small of Ace's back, and bound his wrists with rope. "I thought we were done for the day."
When he moved onto Bobby, Ace tested his bonds. Tight as a ten-year-old's asshole.
Finished, Robert sat them both up. Sherry kept the shotgun across her lap, but was busy puffing a joint. On his bean bag, Dex held the gun on Ace, but stared into space with a glazed look in his eyes.
In the back, Kitchen Bitch openly wept.
"Shut up," Robert said, a hard edge in his voice. He knelt down in front of Ace and smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the lazer pointer. He shined it in Ace's eyes, and he winced.
"Sniper," he said.
"Get that shit out of my eyes," Ace said, and was mildly surprised when Robert slapped him across the face.
"You don't get to be big and bad now," he said. He grabbed him by the chin and leaned closer. "Only I get to do that."
With that, he stuck his tongue into Ace's mouth. Jerking, Ace clamped down with his teeth. Robert's eyes went wide, and the coppery taste of blood filled Ace's mouth.
Making muffled sounds of agony, Robert hit Ace in the cheek and pulled back, red gushing from his mouth.
"He bit me!" he screamed. Dave glanced in the rearview mirror. "He fucking bit me!"
Ace laughed.
"Move," Sherry said.
She moved past Robert and brought the stock of the shotgun up. Ace opened his mouth, but when it cracked his forehead, the world went black.

Visions and sounds swam in and out. Mad laughter. Pained screams. Robert with his tongue stuck out. Sherry threading a needle. Dex, his eyes ceaselessly open.
"You hurt my brother, now we're going to hurt you."
When Ace came fully awake, red afternoon light bathed the van. His head ached and his neck was stiff.
"Look," Dex said, clapping his hands, "she's awake!"
Ace lifted his head, and a bolt of agony flashed across his skull. He felt like he was going to puke.
"Hey, sis," Sherry said. Ace looked at her. She was grinning.
Coming to him, Sherry held up a mirror. Ace blinked. His lips were ruby red, and his eyes were heavily shadowed.
"You're not a full woman yet," Dex said, and laughed. "We're gonna do that tonight."
"What are you talking about?" Ace croaked.
Dex knelt in front of him and produced the razor. "We're gonna use this," he said, and then slashed Ace's cheek, "like this, on your junk."
Ace cried out at the pain. Dex and Sherry both laughed.
"He up?" Dave asked.
"Yeah, dad," Sherry said.
"Alright, good. Guess we'll stop soon."
Fifteen minutes later, just as Ace was starting to drift back off, the van left the road, and he jostled awake.
"It's a bumpy ride," Dex warned.
For what felt like an hour, Ace was shaken and thrown around. Then the van stopped. "Alright," Dave said, "everybody out!"
Dex threw open the side door, cried "Germanimo!" and jumped out. Sherry followed. A moment later, Robert appeared at the door and, without word, dragged Ace out and threw him to the ground. The air left his lungs in a rush.
He tried to get to his knees, but Robert snatched the back of his shirt and dragged him over to the van's back wheel, where he sat him up. "You hurt me," Robert said drunkenly, and shoved his finger into Ace's cheek. "But I still love you, bro."
Dave came around the front of the van and stretched. "Get the other one and stop fucking off."
Nodding, Robert disappeared into the van, and returned with Bobby. Ace was shocked: Both of his eyes were swollen shut, his lips were split, and purple brusies dotted his blood-caked face.
"What the fuck did you do to him?" Ace blurted.
"Nothing compared to what we're gonna do to you," Robert said, dropping Bobby in the dirt next to Ace.
Robert went away, and Ace had time to take stock of his surroundings. They were in a clearing high in the hills. Ahead, the earth fell away, and Ace could see vast expanses of hardpan like a frozen ocean. To his right was a rock-strewn hillside. To his left, a giant rock formation.
Dave, Dex, and Sherry were busy setting up camp, while Robert unloaded things from the van. Dex did something wrong, and Dave yelled at him. In ten minutes, they had erected an awning over a ten foot wide space: White fabric draped over wooden tent poles. Robert brought in stones for a firepit, while Dex grabbed an armful of wood from the back of the van.
"Bobby," Ace said.
On the ground, Bobby didn't move.
Was he even alive?
For the first time, Ace was truly scared.
"Alright," Dave said, "that's everything, right?"
"I think so," Sherry said.
"Good. Dex, grab me my chair."
Dex nodded and rushed away. A minute later he returned with a green canvas camping chair, which he sat up next to the firepit. Dave pushed him away and sat down just as Robert got the wood to catch. The sun was sinking fast. A chill sprang up.
"All we need now's the food," Dave said.
"On it," Sherry replied.
She passed Ace and disappeared into the van. After a few long minutes, Kitchen Bitch fell into the dirt. Ace watched as Sherry climbed out, dragged the woman to her feet, and led her into camp. She was crying and trembling, shaking her head and whispering "No, no, no, no."
Dex grabbed her and helped Sherry get her to the ground. Robert squatted over her, blocking Ace's view: From the motion of his hand, however, it looked like he cut her throat.
Dave cracked a beer and took a long swallow followed by a contended sigh.
Jesus Christ. These people are nuts!
It took Kitchen Bitch a long time to die. She thrashed and strangled like a fish on a pier. Soon, Ace could barely see her, her body only revealed in the soft firelight.
"Can I do it, daddy?" Dex asked. He was standing by his father's chair, his hands drawn to his chest as if in prayer. He bounced giddily. "Can I? Can I?"
"You gonna do it right this time?" Dave asked.
"Yes, I promise!"
Dave gestured him away. "Go on."
Ace watched as the madman fetched something from a box and came back. He shuddered when he saw what it was: A hacksaw.
While Dave coolly drained his beer, and his children stood around him, Dex cut Kitchen Bitch into several chunks. Ace finally looked away.
Damn it. He was alone.
He tested his bonds.
He balled his hands and flexed his wrists. The rope dug painfully into his flesh. He flexed anyway.
"Clean the meat off," Dave said, "and hurry. I'm hungry."
Dex washed the meat off, handing each successive piece of Sherry, who cut them smaller still.
Ace's wrists burned. He gritted his teeth and kept flexing. Was it his imagination, or did it feel like the rope was getting looser?
Sherry tended the meat while Dex sat at his father's feet and happily played with one of Kitchen Bitch's hands, making airplane noises and crashing it into the ground. The sickly sweet smell of burning flesh filled the air, and Ace's stomach turned.
Soon, dinner was served, and the cannibals dug in. Ace closed his eyes and continued working on the rope. It felt looser. Not by much, though.
When dinner was over, Robert came over to the van, leaned into the side door, and brought out a radio. Dave cracked another beer. Dex went back to playing with the severed hand. Sherry stared into the fire.
Robert switched the radio on, and loud country music blared forth. Ace worked, worked, worked. God, his hands hurt. He didn't think he was bleeding yet, though. When he did, he could use the blood as lubricant.
Focused on that, he ground his wrists into the rope as hard and as fast as he could, baring his teeth against the pain.
In camp, the mood turned jovial. Dave knocked back one beer after another, becoming looser and laughing more. Robert took deep pulls from a bottle, and after a while, started hollering and making animal noises. They were talking, laughing, having a good old time. Sick bastards.
Ace bore down on his teeth and used his rage as fuel. The rope was looser now, but he wasn't bleeding, and it was still too tight to slip out of.
He was so concentrated on what he was doing that he didn't hear Robert coming until he was almost on top of him. "Time to party," he said boozily, "you wanna party?"
He grabbed Ace by his shirt and dragged him to his feet. The smell of alcohol rolled off the hippie in waves.
"We're gonna cut your peepee off and eat it." He tittered. "Then me, Dex, and dad are gonna fuck the hole where it used to be."
Ace rubbed his wrists against the rope. Was that blood he felt? Or was it sweat?
Close to the fire, Dex grabbed Ace's shirt and grinned. "You ready? You ready? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?"
Ace's hands were covered in blood now. He pulled his right hand against the rope, and it came part of the way.
"Pull down his pants," Dave said from his chair.
Dex fumbled at Ace's zipper while Robert dug his fingers into his shoulder. Not to keep him from running, but to keep himself from falling over.
Ace pulled, and his hand came free with an agonized rip. He elbowed Robert in the ribs, and the hippie toppled over with a scream, landing in the fire. Dex jerked and looked up. Ace punched him in the face; he went down in the dust.
In the fire, Robert screamed, the flames searing his flesh.
Dave started getting out of his chair, but Alex grabbed him and slipped his arm around his neck. Sherry was dragging Robert out of the fire by the arm. On the ground, Dex moaned.
Dave thrashed, but Ace tightened his grip. In a flicker of firelight, he saw the razor on the ground. Moving slowly, he bent down, grabbed it, and put it to Dave's throat. The old man's resistance faltered immediately.
"Alright," Ace panted. Robert was on his hands and knees, Sherry kneeling worriedly next to him. She shot Ace a withering glance. "Looks like the shoe's on the other foot now." He barked laughter.
"Just be calm, mister," Dave said, "we wasn't gonna do nothing."
"Yeah?" Ace asked. "Is that what you did to that girl? And Bobby?"
Dave didn't reply.
On the ground, Dex stirred and started crying.
"Give me one good reason I shouldn't cut your throat right now."
"Daddy?" Dex whimpered.
"I have three kids," Dave said after a moment's pause.
That struck Ace as funny. He laughed. And laughed. "You got three murdering fuckbags, that's what you got. You're probably all inbred too."
"Daddy?" Dex asked again.
"Shut the fuck up!" Ace spat.
He looked at Sherry. She was still on her knees, watching him with hate in her eyes. Robert was lying prone in the dirt. The back of his shirt was burned and blackened; patches of flesh showed here and there, burned and blistered. He panted and moaned. Dex was on his knees now, hunched over like a Muslim praying.
"You got three kids," Ace finally said into Dave's ear. "And I bet you're all they got, right?"
Wordlessly, Dave nodded.
"Not anymore."
Ace dragged the knife across Dave's throat. Blood cascaded over his forearm.
Sherry's eyes went wide. "Daddy!"
Dave coughed and sputtered. Laughing, Ace shoved him aside.
Screaming, Dex popped up, his teeth bared and his eyes wild. His gun, Ace's gun, was in his hands.
Ace fell back half a step. The first shot tore out his guts. The second hit him in the leg, and he started to fall. The third smashed into his head, and he knew no more.
He had escaped.

They buried their father on a wind-swept plateau at dawn and marked the place with a stone. Sherry dug the grave while Dex wept. Robert was in the van. His wounds were bad. Sherry didn't know if he'd live to sundown.
For a long time, Sherry and Dex stood over their father's grave, the former holding the latter. She knew, vaguely, that she was in charge now; she was responsible for her brothers now. They were all she had, and she was all they had.
"Come on," she whispered finally, and kissed Dex on the forehead. "Let's go."
She climbed into the driver seat and cast one final glance at the spot where her father rested, then drove away.
Just beyond the grave, over the side of a steep cliff, two bodies lie broken on a pile of rocks. One had been beaten to death. The other had been shot.
The wolves and buzzards ate for days.
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2022.01.21 10:24 Yakel1 The BBC finally admits that Jeremy Corbyn is not an antisemite – BBC 5 Live, presenter Rachel Burden said matter-of-factly: there is absolutely no evidence that the leader of the Labour Party at that time [in 2019], Jeremy Corbyn, was or is antisemitic.

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2022.01.21 10:24 wideopenblankets In times like these, determining your next move is simple — IF you did your research and bought into durable coins (with a caveat)

Scenario 1 - You bought into a great coin. You watched it rise. Now it’s way down. Do you feel confident it will recover? Or asked differently, do you think your coin will still be useful and enticing after a crash? Hold it.
Scenario 2 - You bought into shitcoins to make a buck. Things were going good and now they aren’t. This coin was a fad and historically speaking, it won’t be coming back. Sell it.
Caveat - What if you think your coin is good and will recover, but it’s still worth more now than it was when you bought it? That’s harder. Simplest is to hold, confident the coin will recover. BUT maybe you can sell now, make a bit of profit, and buy back in at a lower price while things settle out.
Most importantly — keep in mind Mr. Mad Guy Jim Kramer said the stock market is “forming an investable bottom” yesterday. Since Jim Kramer is a hack and almost always wrong, I’m operating as if things are going to dip even more.
Not financial advice, do your own research, Chaka Khannn
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2022.01.21 10:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - DOH discourages inclusion of prescription drugs in COVID home care kits | Manila Bulletin

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2022.01.21 10:24 REDTRAPOFFICIAL Idk what he expected

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2022.01.21 10:24 Smashinationprp Break pasta! Italians love it! When you do it. They start dancing on the floor!

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2022.01.21 10:24 James_Wing Gotta love shipwreck coins

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2022.01.21 10:24 FlorianLienert Einige argumentieren, dass der Völkermord an den Herero und Nama den Weg ebnete für den Holocaust. Voriger soll eine ideologische Inspiration für Hitler gewesen sein. Damals durchgeführte Menschenexperimente wurden teils von den selben Persönlichkeiten während der NS-Zeit ähnlich wiederholt.

Einige argumentieren, dass der Völkermord an den Herero und Nama den Weg ebnete für den Holocaust. Voriger soll eine ideologische Inspiration für Hitler gewesen sein. Damals durchgeführte Menschenexperimente wurden teils von den selben Persönlichkeiten während der NS-Zeit ähnlich wiederholt. submitted by FlorianLienert to Suedwestafrika [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 10:24 JC6363 Where to go from here?

I started university in September 2019. During first year I had some bad grades which put me in academic probation. If you don’t know what that means, it’s when you failed to reach the gpa needed to stay in the program you enrolled in. So in Spring 2020 during the first lockdowns I took all the courses I needed to take again except one class that wasn’t available.
I passed all those classes but that one class that I wasn’t allowed to take. So since I didn’t have that one class I wasn’t allowed to enrol in classes for my program during the 2020/21 year. I had to pay thousands to take courses which weren’t even part of my major and were basically useless to me. Because of this I lost all motivation to keep studying on top having 2 family members pass just a few days apart. I ended up failing those courses too so during the 2021-2022 (now) year I wasn’t allowed to enrol in any classes at all due to previously being on academic probation and failing to raise my gpa. I just couldn’t justify paying thousands of dollars for courses that provide no value to my degree. My profs were 60+ years old trying to teach online from their iPads it just wasn’t working for me. The schools stupid policy over just one course set me back 1.5 years. I’ve been lying to my mom telling her I’m in school when I’m not. I would be disowned if she ever found out.
I’m 1.5 years behind now and I just can’t be graduating 2 years later than I should’ve. I’ve tried using revision on my grades and the email that told me I can’t take courses for a year, I did sats and lived in the end, read Neville’s books and applied his techniques. Today is the last day to enrol in classes for this semester. I know it sounds silly but the last few months I was hoping they would just let me enrol but I don’t even have the option to. Neville says don’t worry about how it happens becomes it’s beyond us so I just dropped it and stopped worrying on the how and assumed it’s done. The worst part is that my school is going back in person and my mom thinks I’m enrolled so I’d have to move back close to my university. Is it possible to somehow just skip all those courses and enrol in the 3rd year ones which I should be in now.
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2022.01.21 10:24 Lyn__ A couple from the Victorian era tries to take a serious picture, but they do not get anywhere.

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2022.01.21 10:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - Go supports proposed Navotas Fish Port complex modernization plan | Manila Bulletin

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2022.01.21 10:24 ggsauce249 Mihalis Safras & Eskuche - Feeling Good

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2022.01.21 10:24 LennyRedit11 My friend said Florida upside down looks like the Grinch...Now I can't unsee it

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2022.01.21 10:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - Coveney has a bad habit of making small mistakes into bigger ones | Irish Times

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